Transaction Advisory Services

ClaroVia’s Corporate Transactions Practice encompasses a diverse group of practitioners that provide innovative solutions based upon sound transactional and business operations experience to clients across a broad range of industries and professions. We bring to our clients a wealth of experience in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, spin-offs, joint ventures and strategic alliances, finance, intellectual property, taxation, and real estate. This background underscores our ability to provide sophisticated, comprehensive, and cutting-edge advisory services to clients throughout the entire life cycle of a business. Our expertise will remove the guesswork that can come with combining entities in an ever fluid marketplace.

Strategic Planning: We help clients set or modify their business goals, generate and evaluate key initiatives, identify other options to fill any gap, generate a technology road map and corresponding IP optimization plan and help to deliver and implement the plan.

Growth strategy: Successful growth strategies are based upon commercializing innovations that deliver new sources of value to a client’s organization and its stakeholders. We help develop the structures and culture that enable new innovations to emerge so that the client can accelerate and successfully deliver the benefits from their innovations to the market.

Financial and acquisition strategy: We help clients achieve an in-depth understanding of their market through modeling and competition analysis. We conduct due diligence analysis, pro-forma development, negotiation, and integration planning for small, medium and large-scale transactions.

Divestitures: Divestitures enable a way for a company to manage its portfolio of assets. Over time as companies grow they often find they are trying to focus on too many areas of business, thereby straining resources, which can hinder the true growth they need to be competitive. It can be beneficial to divest of some operational business units/or technologies in order to focus on more profitable lines. ClaroVia can help develop divestiture plans with a logical approach to ensure the best future return for the bottom line.

Technology licensing: We advise clients and assist with the negotiation of numerous technology licensing issues, including:

  • Forming IP-driven joint ventures
  • Creating R&D collaborations and strategic alliances
  • Negotiating cross-licensing and joint development agreements in diverse fields
  • Identifying synergistic technologies
  • Working with the client to develop/refine a strategy for approaching potential IP licensees/purchasers/partners or business acquisition candidates
  • Assisting in developing support documents, including technology presentations, IP synergy analyses, etc.
  • Assisting in facilitating meetings/dialogue with appropriate decision-makers in targeted high priority partners
  • Functioning as the client’s IP/technology specialist for due diligence preparation, management and response activities of potential suitors/partners
  • Assisting the client in determining valuation of resulting IP portfolio for purposes of sale, license, or other corporate transaction
  • Assisting the client’s legal counsel with finalizing definitive agreements and negotiating a license, sale or other strategic transaction.
  • Customer strategy: We help clients evaluate the most effective strategies for delivering value to the organization and stakeholders. We help them improve how they target customers; sell product and services; license technology; and use business insight to make better decisions.

    Business and technology design: We offer a deep level of industry insight into game-changing technology platforms and innovations needed to make informative business decisions.

    Our deep industry knowledge across many technical disciplines means that we can help companies identify other businesses and intellectual property that will offer a good strategic fit and assist them with acquisitions, mergers, and alliances that allow them to maintain and build their competitive advantage.