Intellectual Property Services

ClaroVia Technologies provides a thorough due diligence analysis process for its clients. We integrate detailed technology assessments with a fast and efficient methodology of determining the strength of an IP portfolio in addition to market specific IP risk. We also offer a service that defines specific new IP opportunities that ensures IP validity, enforceability, and most importantly that it represents the technology the enterprise’s business is based on.

We are known for our broad bench of systems experts, with in-depth experience in mechanical, electrical, electronic, structural, and process disciplines.

  1. Identification of new and existing markets where innovations using new IP can enable niche opportunities.
  2. Execute on identifying technology, development, and management partners to demonstrate and launch new technical innovations using secure IP.
  3. Analysis of mutatable IP.
    • Develop prosecution roadmaps for additional continuations within existing fields of use and new fields of use.
    • Identification of existing risk IP and targeted new IP needed to protect desired strategic business growth areas.
  4. Due diligence.
    • Thorough technology due diligence, pre-acquisition or investment.
    • Exhaustive IP validation including prior art, licensing history, title, patent spec, and claim evaluation, and analysis of inequitable conduct risk.
    • Strategic analysis of both IP coverage and gaps in inevitable technology and market evolution.

CVT also enters into collaborations with clients in pooling our IP through cross licensing to strengthen the breadth of a portfolio thus enabling quick and efficient delivery of disruptive technology to existing markets or enabling the creation of new businesses and potentially new market segments.